Latitude 47

Published by the Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle WA

 "The second issue of Latitude 47 features seven individuals represented through five portfolios. As was true with our inaugural issue, we did not set out with a theme in mind, and yet from the disparate practices and visual explorations of the artists selected, a shared concern with identities—of person and of place—emerged.
This year’s issue features work by Rodrigo Valenzuela, Tod Gangler, Jenny Riffle, Molly Landreth, Garth Amundson & Pierre Gour, and Chris Letcher. The breadth and complexity of the work presented in our second volume of Latitude 47 is itself indicative of the Pacific Northwest’s multi-faceted identity as a region. The diversity of conceptual and creative approach by these artists, reflects our mission as a publication and as an institution engaged with the photographic medium."

Purchase a copy for $10 here, or stop by PCNW.