Issue #07: The Wild
Created in collaboration with Nomadic Bookshelf
October 2016
8" x 10", 92 pages, cover printed with white ink and full color on red stock
Edition of 75

The simple and understated title of this issue was the prompt we gave our artists and writers. Our goal was to look beyond the obvious and ordinary connections between the idea of “the wild” and what can be visually represented or documented as such. Could a series of portraits be considered wild? Could abstract, process-driven images be considered wild? Could photographs of wild nature fit within this issue without being cliché? 

Not only did we pose this question to artists during the open call for this issue, we also asked it of our friends at the Nomadic Bookshelf, a transitory bookstore dedicated to disseminating photobooks throughout the country through book fairs and pop-up events. We asked them to select five photographers for The Wild, imposing no other restrictions and providing total support and autonomy to choose whomever they would like. This process, involving chance and the unknown, was wild in and of itself. The work selected from our open call and the work chosen by Nomadic Bookshelf exist seamlessly within the following pages; their selection and ours combine together to create a cohesive visual exploration of the theme – both quite literally and more abstractly.

Photographs and writing by:
Sophie Barbasch
Chris Berntsen
Caiti Borruso
Anne Campbell
Vivian Ewing
Jacob Koestler
Ian Lewandowski
Noelle McCleaf
Stephanie Noritz
Ke Peng
Jenny Riffle
Leonard Suryajaya